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August 10, 2010/0/0
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Just wanted to give a heads up to folks who wrote in about our site’s wiki being down. Thank you very much! We’re in the process of getting it fixed and should have all of the moving pieces up again.

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, I wanted to share with you why we chose to run a wiki for our knowledgebase. We’re huge fans of keeping things open and sharing our work with the community. A wiki felt like the best way of doing this as, in addition to it being a forum for our sharing concepts with you, it should likewise allow you to share your ideas with us.

Once the wiki re-launches, you’ll see two new additions. Under the descriptions of each Apothecary healer and Lord of Pestilence, there are going to be two new sections: Lore and Hearsay.

Lore is a direct print of what appears on the Healing Blade combatant card – and is generally considered truth.

Hearsay is just that. Rumors, myths, legends or perhaps just things overheard that add to the richness of the world of Soma. After the game re-launches in September, we plan to run a contest aimed at the budding writers looking for the most interesting and well thought out back-stories.

In the meanwhile, if you feel like helping us out by helping to correct the attacks of the nefarious spam bots, we’d greatly appreciate it. If you’ve never edited a wiki before – here’s a crash course in rolling back edits:

a) Just above the ‘Main page’ title heading, are the links Page, Discussion, Edit and History.
b) Click on ‘History’
c) This brings up the edit history and you can see that we’re constantly being revised by spam-bots.
d)Underneath the ‘Browse History’ box, click on the link ‘Earliest’ and you should be able to scan down to where it went from legit edits (either Amathews, or Light Image Studio) to spam bots.
e) Click on the date of the last legit edit (in the case of the main page, August 10th)
f) Viola! the page is restored! NCL 1 – Spambots 0! Now you just need to save the reverted page.
g)At the top of the page, next to the History link, click on the Edit link and then hit Save at the very bottom – and yer done! You have the option to document your change if you like.
h) The people of SOMA thank you!