NCL Profile: Hon Wen Chong

January 22, 2010/0/0
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Hon Wen ChongHon is our multi-talented med student that contacted us via the folks at HOPEresearch, interested in helping to continue the gaming research protocols initiated during the first HOPE trials. It was during a one week retreat on the north shore of Hawaii that he envisioned and coded the NCL iPhone app. It was during a 4 day retreat in SF that he integrated facebook functionality to the thing and started work on our newest concept, a social learning engine codenamed NCL Domin8Rx. Between surfing, coding, running research protocols and teaching us Na’vi phrases, Hon is pretty much the embodiment of the nerdcore medstudent.

Incidentally, the translation for have no fear my warriors is ‘Tsam siyu, doku re atse’. No fear, indeed.