Healing Blade 2.0

July 25, 2011/2/0
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It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that we are nearing completion of the next phase of The Healing Blade infectious disease card battle game. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Wulven Game Studios, makers of the insanely popular ‘Shadow Era’ card game. The genius gamesmiths over at Wulven, lead by Studio head and founder, Kyle Poole, have been working away at transforming our tabletop card version of the game into a digital version. The nice part is that these guys don’t mess around. By that I mean that they are simulaneously developing the iPhone / iPad / Android and web versions of the game. Yeah, I know right?! Anyhow, we’ve been watching, mouths in various phases of agape, as Wulven have cranked out each new playtesting build and I’m pleased to report that I think that the gameplay will be solid. And the best part?


We’re planning on releasing this game for free – with the ability to purchase expansion decks as we continue to build out our game world. Free?!? I happen to love Free! Anyhow, since we’ve seemingly caught the free bug, we’ve decided to also give away our medical mnemonics app for the iPhone away for free, too. (that smacking sound you’re hearing is the sound of our accountant facepalming – repeatedly). Anyhow, we’ll keep on keeping on with the Apothecary Healer / Lord of Pestilence profile updates on this blog and stay tuned for more news about the upcoming digital version of the game. In the mean time, to further whet your appetites, here’s a trailer of the awesome ‘Shadow Era’ from Wulven. Why not check it out, too?! After it’s also Free to play! (smack! smack! smack!)