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June 2, 2011/0/0
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I recently travelled to foggy Boston to attend the always excellent Games for Health Conference.  We’ve had a presence there before with the HOPE research initiative, but this time, Ben Sawyer, the visionary behind the conference, wanted us to talk a little bit about the Healing Blade.  I still owe Ben a beer for saving my hide by furnishing me with a Macbook mini-DisplayPort adapter with literally minutes to go before the talk.  Also there was the intrepid Ben Heck, of the Ben Heck Show.  ‘The Two Bens’ took to center stage to present a concept that I absolutely loved, called ‘GameShare’ where the functions of a single controller could be mapped to two controllers, allowing for coop-play of sorts for ANY game.  More Gameshare goodness after the break.

The moment I saw the video, all I could think of was, how is this not already available, and if not, why not?!  The best part of this video, aside from the awesomeness of Ben Sawyer clearly using gaming as a way to build shared experiences with his kids, which I as a father can relate to, was seeing Ben (Heck’s) shop again.  Holy run-on sentence, Batman.  Anyhow, here’s the link to the episode!