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The Hospitalist Manual – Seen in the Wild!

November 25, 2009/1/0/

Yes yes, the gods of publishing finally smiled upon the little project that was The Hospitalist Manual. A month ago, it went ‘Gold’, with the final files sent to the printers and first run copies making their way to us shortly thereafter. While it was certainly exciting cracking open the binding of our first published […]

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NCL Mnemonics v1.0.1 is coming soon.

November 25, 2009/0/0/

Greetings to my fellow Nerds! I hope that you are enjoying the use of our NCL Mnemonics iPhone application. This is just a quick update on v1.0.1 which we are working on at the moment that will address several bugs in the current application. So far development has been coming along quite well and we […]


Introducing: Bacillus Cereus

September 10, 2009/0/0/

Working up to the launch of our ‘Healing Blade’ game, we’ve decided to start showcasing some of the bestiary that you as the Apothecary will battling with. Up first is B. Cereus. This foul basilisk is primarily a cave dweller, existing opportunistically on passing adventurers. Its carapace secretes a waxy toxin that upon release causes […]

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THB: Staph Aureus Takes Shape

August 19, 2009/0/0/

Sometimes a picture is very much worth a thousand blog posts. I am pleased to report that we are now working with a team of artists that are dedicated to breathing life into our creature concepts via nothing short of spectacular artwork. Ladies and germs (sic) – the journey has begun. In parallel to the […]

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Dr. Nerdcore Realizes that Comic-Con Artists Respond to Doreamon Headgear!

July 27, 2009/0/0/

Well true believers, it’s that time of year again. When artists, collectors, designers, producers, retailers, actors, and consumers come from all corners of the earth to celebrate their, what else, nerdism!! This we I am searching hi and low for the perfect team of artists to bring for our first set of ‘The Healing Blade” […]


Healing Blade Dev Notes

July 4, 2009/0/0/

Happiness is figuring out game rules for a game that we think nerdcore med-students will have a lot of fun with. Last week while in Phoenix, Francis and I sat down with a beta build of the game and started card battling. Francis’ first rule iteration was actually pretty awesome, requiring only the odd playability […]

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Free Your Healthcare Data!

June 22, 2009/0/0/

Well, true believers, we’ve promised you more information and insight with this concept called Health 2.0, as you may have surmised from my last post.  True to our word, that is exactly what we are doing tonight – not only at, but in conjunction with many other healthcare sites around the world, simultaneously.  As […]

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The Healing Blade

June 20, 2009/1/0/

For those of you who met us at the last AMSA conference in DC, you might have heard bits and pieces of a medical card game rumor. Well, let it be known that the rumor is indeed true. We here at Nerdcore Learning are developing the first microbiology-based strategy card game. Yes, if you can […]

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Imminent Book Release: The Hospitalist Manual

May 31, 2009/18/0/

We’ve got a book coming out! Co-authored by Manish Mehta, MD,  it’s called the Hospitalist Manual. We’re super excited about it, but are a little torn on the final cover design. It would be ridiculously awesome if you dropped us a line as to which cover seemed to work for you. Interesting story on cover […]

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