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The World Needs Heroes

June 10, 2010/12/0/

The real-time strategy game, World of Warcraft III (not to be confused with the MMORPG WoW) – same company, different game, introduced the world to the concept of the Hero Unit.  Essentially these where characters in the game that you controlled like regular units, but would have special powers and typically be more effective on […]

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On Sexuality and the Healing Blade

June 5, 2010/4/0/

A few days ago, we woke up to the sound of concern.  It seemed to be permeating from our comments board.  In particular, this one: You folks are businessfolks, right? You’re interested in selling as much stuff as possible, right? I read about Healingblade in The Scientist, immediately thought of how much fun it would […]

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Oh the candy coated goodness of the interwebs . . .

April 28, 2010/2/0/

Well, ever since this particular story dropped, and subsequently made it to twitter, reddit and boing-boing, our little corner of the meta-verse has been hopping of late. The outpouring of support, interest and general awesomesauce has been nothing other than awe-inspiring. A very Nerdcore thank you to you fellow gamers out there! Getting right down […]

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On Clean Design

April 11, 2010/11/0/

Ok, so we’re super proud of our infectious disease card battle game. We’ve had a bunch of med-students both at AMSA and elsewhere test it out and like the gameplay, in addition to the fact that folks actually start to recall some pretty epic ID and therapeutics info as a direct result. This makes us […]

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NCL Meets Peter Pronovost – Feels Good about Life

March 28, 2010/2/0/

Our very own Hon Weng Chong had the chance to meet Peter Pronovost and share some ideas regarding antibiotics selection decision support. Dr. Pronovost is a Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, and Surgery and is Medical Director for the Center for Innovation […]

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Well, This is Embarrassing.

March 27, 2010/7/0/

So AMSA happened. Francis, Hon and I got to meet with a bunch of cool folks, partied with some rockstar pre-med and med-students and amazingly, unbelievably, sold almost our entire consignment of Healing Blade games.  In the words of Neo, upon discovering the existence of the Matrix, ‘Whoa.’  And then we got this email: I […]

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AMSA 2010 Here We Come!

March 3, 2010/1/0/

We’re closing in on the final designs for the AMSA 2010 booth, and we wanted to share with you how our little piece of the AMSAverse is shaping up. Be sure to come and visit us (Booth #1) for a chance to get signed copies of the ‘Healing Blade’ game! Also – in random news, […]

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NCL Profile: Hon Wen Chong

January 22, 2010/0/0/

Hon is our multi-talented med student that contacted us via the folks at HOPEresearch, interested in helping to continue the gaming research protocols initiated during the first HOPE trials. It was during a one week retreat on the north shore of Hawaii that he envisioned and coded the NCL iPhone app. It was during a […]

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The NCL Clinical Mnemonics App Now Available in the App Store!

January 14, 2010/0/0/

We’re super excited to announce that the Apple approval process for the NCL Clinical Mnemonics iPhone App is complete. Over the next day, the app will be transmitted to the Apple servers and available for download. If you’ve wanted a pocket version of the clinical mnemonics that we’ve published so far, look no further. We […]

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Chloramphenicol: THB Apothecary Profile

December 2, 2009/0/0/

Old warriors from years ago who are not as powerful as those of newer generations. Yet, they still have some fight left in them. It is rumored that they once had a connection to the agents of Pestilence, although no-one is really brave enough to make that allegation out in the open. This sullen brute […]

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